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WHERE: 10/6 Cowper Wharf Roadway, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011


This time last week, we celebrated our one year anniversary. J made a reservation on the day for 8:45pm, at their next best available time. Originally both of us wanted to visit a steak house but J was feeling pretty excited that this premise serves both steak and crab, as C always mentioned she wanted to eat crab. J who usually is not big on seafood, wanted to take a risk and give those crustaceans a go. YES! IM A RISK TAKER!

Walking along the wharf towards the restaurant, you are greeted with a long line of restaurants, ranging from Italian to Asian cuisines. The feel on the night was really lively, filled with conversations, laughter and romantic dinners. 

Pina Colada $17 
This Pina Cola drink is to die for!! It tasted really refreshing and alcohol wasn't too overpowering. 

We were offered house bread. The butter was creamy and delicious. 

Atmosphere: Nice location by the water. We decided to dine inside which was a lot cosier than outside with the outdoors heaters. Not long into our entree, the waitress offered us to move to a bigger table, had she realised we ordered a crab and steak to share which needed more space than usual. 
It was a lot more comfortable sitting on a bigger table. 

J: 8/10 
C: 8/10 

Service: Service staff were really friendly and polite. Picking up J's jacket after it had fell on the floor twice without him knowing. The bibs were placed around our necks by the waiter. We were approached several times by staff asking if everything was okay and if we needed anything. It shows that they had attention to detail. 

J: 8/10
C: 9/10 

We had trouble deciding which entree to get because they all sound delicious. Wagyu fingers it was! Found it a bit salty and relied on the crispy noodles to accompany the saltiness. For main we chose the Singaporean Chili Crab and medium rare Rib Eye steak. For the side we wanted the eggplant… but sadly it was sold out. No one would understand our loveeeee for eggplant. The alternative was the potatoes with roasted garlic and rosemary salt. 

Wagyu Rib Fingers $17.90

The Eye Fillet Steak with the green pepper sauce was cooked to perfection. The meat was easy to slice and the meat just melted in your mouth. It was tender and not too chewy but portion size was quite small. 

Eye Fillet  $39.90 


Roast Kipfler Potato, Garlic, Rosemary Salt $9.90 

C would have preferred it if the chilli in the crab sauce was a bit more prominent and had egg like the tradition Singaporean mud crab, rather than a tomato based sauce. However there was a decent amount of crab meat and generosity of the sauce. 

Singaporean Chilli wok fried with a hot sticky tomato, black bean, chilli sauce. 
Market Price 

J: 8/10 
C: 9/10 

Overall, the experience at Kingsley's was pleasant. Cracking open the crab got a little messy but it was all in good fun and would definitely be a night to remember. 

Much love J and C  

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